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Redirect Buyer


Redirect Buyer: Superior Traffic Monetization Transforms Traffic Monetization with a New and Unique Approach


Las Vegas, Nevada – Seasoned affiliate marketer and entrepreneur Kevin De Vincenzi releases Redirect Buyer helps webmasters and domain owners monetize their traffic in an easy way that promises the potential of higher returns than other monetization programs of the past. is already up and accepting applications from those interesting in monetizing their traffic.


Redirect Buyer is a revolutionary way for affiliates to monetize their web traffic. Past efforts of traffic monetization included a lot of effort and confusion with no real promise of a profit. With so many methods to monetize traffic and so many offers available, many felt that putting in all the work of finding and implementing a solution was just too much of a hassle, or the solutions they tried did not make them any real money. Redirect Buyer removes these obstacles by providing simply the best available, high click rate and high paying offers. It removes the need for constant updating and testing for optimization by keeping a team on hand that works on client accounts to make sure that they are getting the best returns possible. Redirect Buyer works on all traffic and all domains. This includes both foreign and domestic traffic. There are no banned domains so clients can monetize 100% of their traffic without fear of losing out because of location. If a client does not have a domain, they can register a free one on the site or even park their own domain with grants access to over 500 auto-optimized campaigns auto-aggregated from numerous feeds and filtered through its own intelligent engine. Many are already reporting increases in earnings when using Redirect Buyer’s unique service. US clients are seeing EPC’s from 0.20 to well over 0.45 on redirect traffic and that number increases for the UK and Canada with numbers approaching the 0.60 mark. The numbers show that Redirect Buyer is not just another ad network or PPC model. It is a unique take on traffic monetization and it is already available to interested parties. Already Redirect Buyer has monetized well over 100 countries. The application process is simple and the acceptance time is quick as well. is another innovative product from professional affiliate marketer Kevin De Vincenzi also known as “ClickFather.” Kevin De Vincenzi is founder of XY7 and a groundbreaking figure in the world of affiliate marketing and networking.