The Draw Anything Better Smartpen Revolutionizes Drawing on a Touchscreen

Las Vegas, Nevada – Entrepreneur Kevin De Vincenzi and Draw Anything Better LLC has teamed up with Internet marketer James Epner to create and market the Draw Anything Better Smartpen for touchscreen devices. Platforms such as iPads, iPhones, Samsung’s line of Galaxy products and anything that uses a touchscreen interface can benefit a great deal from Draw Anything Better. It is already available for individual and bulk orders and it retails for just $14.95.

Draw Anything Better offers a superior way to use many of the features that touchscreen devices offer. It is ideal for users of popular drawing games and other applications that need a steady hand or intensive use of touch features. Use it as a fun and unique way of interacting with a tablet or phone. Give it as a gift or stocking stuffer for the holidays. Use it as a serious tool for getting work done. Gone are the days of smudged and soiled screens from constant touching. The Draw Anything Better Smartpen removes the need to touch the screen at all. The patent pending, future-proof design of the Smartpen allows for a natural and comfortable grip like any other pen or writing utensil. Its familiar form makes it useful, practical and even super fun to use. Unlike a traditional stylus, the Smartpen looks and feels natural in your hand.

Draw Anything Better has already been making the rounds. It debuted at July’s California Gift Show to acclaim. Artists and show guests tried the product and found it a wonderful solution for interacting with touchscreens. In addition to the user praise, various retailers also placed sizable orders for Draw Anything Better. Later it appeared at the ASD Las Vegas trade show showcased prominently at the entrance. There, many other retailers picked the product up as well. Onboard retailers include such names as the trendy Kitson gift Store to the ubiquitous Hallmark chain and many others. Soon, Draw Anything Better will be at the Emmy’s Celebrity Gift Store on the day before the celebrated awards ceremony on September 22.

Draw Anything Better LLC is the company behind the Draw Anything Better Smartpen created by serial entrepreneur and “ClickFather” Kevin De Vincenzi. Joining this endeavor is Internet marketer James Epner who assists in scaling and logistics.


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